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☑ Reserve a Property from 3,000 GBP

☑ Experienced development team

☑ Fully Managed and Hassle Free

☑ Completion due December 2015

☑ High yielding returns of 7% NET guaranteed for 5 years.

☑ Unique buy-to-let residential investment, consisting of 45 one and two bedroom apartments.

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[us_iconbox icon=”fa-institution” iconpos=”top” with_circle=”yes” title=”Experienced Developer” external=”” style=”outlined” link=”” size=”36px”]We see our collective key driver is to expand, develop and operate a highly efficient, high quality, low risk, cost effective and a profitable development, construction and block asset management and lettings organisation. We have a team that can deliver these drivers based on over 30 years of design, delivery and operational completion of large scale construction schemes and project management experience stemming from working in some onerous business environments. The benefits of our collective approach are significant and tangible.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fa-users” iconpos=”top” with_circle=”yes” title=”Professional Team” external=”” style=”outlined” link=”” size=”36px”]Our team is successful in project management and construction delivery by effectively taking control and establishing predictability. Predictability acts as an enabler to manage different types of risk. It increases the chance of success by providing progress and performance indicators and a structured environment, which allows all stakeholders and everyone associated with the project to understand the project requirements, scope, costs and timeline.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fa-money” iconpos=”top” with_circle=”yes” title=”Payment Stucture” external=”” style=”outlined” link=”” size=”36px”]■ Prices ranges from £95K to £125K
■ Rental Income ranges from £7K to £9K a year
■ Fill out the reservation form and pay the £3,000 reservation fee
■ Exchange contracts within 28 days after reservation
■ Upon exchange of contract pay 50% of the agreed purchase price (minus the £3,000 reservation fee)
■ 3 Months after reservation pay an instalment of 25%
■ Upon completion of the build pay the remaining 25%[/us_iconbox]
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