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Has anybody heard about Westway Holdings Ltd asset backed property bond being a scam ?

Sinbad Answered question September 10, 2020

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anon (anonymous) 0 Comments

No I have a bond with them thay have paid our internet on time not had any problems unlike another one We are with enough said

anon Answered question July 12, 2018

Yes. I have a bond with them. It was supposed to mature three weeks ago but they haven’t paid my money back. I’ve spoken with safeorscam.net and will contact them again in the new year. There may be something they can do to help get money back.

WhiteAlan Answered question December 20, 2019

I should have said in my last post that I received all interest payments on time, but haven’t received the original investment on maturity and final interest payment.

WhiteAlan Answered question December 20, 2019

There is a big article on safe or scam about them. It’s very worrying if you have money invested with them.

HKerin Answered question March 4, 2020

Yes I have a Property Bond with Westway which matured at the beginning of November 2019. I received my 6 monthly interest payments on time but NOT my original investment. They keep promising to repay together with all interest payments accrued from when I last received the interest which was around July 2019.
Now they have the excuse not to pay up with this Covid-19 epidemic.

michaelbellwood@hotmail.co.uk Answered question March 28, 2020