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Home Is park first’s car park investment a scam or a legitimate investment?

Is park first’s car park investment a scam or a legitimate investment?

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Hi. has anyone invested in the car park investments with Park First? Has anyone been paid the promised returns of 16%?

Shaari Answered question April 25, 2020

Some notes for those unfortunate enough to have become involved with Park First and feeling scammed, as well they might, and who have happened upon this chain.
1. To summarise some of the content: there is information below about two legal challenges to Park First:
a. Sarah Spruce from TLW Solicitors is acting for a number of clients who have invested in Store First and Park First; they are seeking compensation from the solicitors who carried out the conveyancing and who were recommended by Storefirst/Parkfirst. You can contact them on her sspruce@tlwsolicitors.co.uk or call her on 0191 293 1500. [see her post below]. I understand the action will be on a no-win-no-fee basis.
b. Patrick Lawrence of Trainer Shepherd Phillips Melin Haynes is, I understand acting for 20 claimants to sue Park First in a group litigation, with 50 more investors in the pipeline. The grounds involve a range of frauds and misrepresentations, and more. Contact: 25/26 Poland Street, London W1F 8QN. t 020 7292 9986 . www.tspmlaw.com. I understand that there would be a flat fee.
I should have thought that the more of us that join one or both of these initiatives, the merrier. There might also be merit in the two efforts joining forces
2. I have myself exercised the Park First ‘buy back’ option which of course involved paying a solicitor myself to to the conveyancing against a promise or repayment after 12 months. Having read the posts here I am even less sanguine about any returns atall, though I have not ruled it out.
3. I was sold this investment along with two out-and-out scams [Essex and London Properties and European Property Coin] by one ‘James Harris’ of ‘InvestDirect’ and Cercle 6 Ltd. He used a false name, but his real name is Yomi Bashorun. Vanessa Bashorun, who teaches French in three schools in Essex is his associate in crime and co-owner of this company.
4. If you are looking for someone you can trust to follow up on either Essex and London Property or European Property Coin [or other scam], try ‘Safe or Scam’ at these two websites https://safeorscam.net ; http://europeanpropertycoin.club
Good luck!

fruf Answered question April 11, 2019
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