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Home Is park first’s car park investment a scam or a legitimate investment?

Is park first’s car park investment a scam or a legitimate investment?

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Hi. has anyone invested in the car park investments with Park First? Has anyone been paid the promised returns of 16%?

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Nothappy (anonymous) 0 Comments

I am a large investor in Park First Glasgow. I opted for Buy Back and after 7 months and numerous excuses they still haven’t sent back the signed agreements. Now I am being pressurised and incentivised to go over to the Lifetime lease – they seem desperate for me to do so. Why? I’d be interested in a group action against these con people.

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Coming up to the end of 12 month long-stop on my buyback, no news of anything from ParkFirst or Eversheds. Just aggressive calls from Everton Rose, well, they became aggressive when challenged on their legitimacy and ultimately hung up…

Anyone got a twitter account? Vent some frustrations at the GroupFirst leader…


who incidentally has dissolved a lot of companies:


Maybe he has a tattoo that says “Crooks 24/7″…

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I am also a car park investor with Park First.
I did not accept neither of Park First’s 2 options which are very fair to us & am looking for similar investors to fight together.
Can you tell me what has been going on with your side?

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If anyone is unhappy with Park First, please contact solicitor Patrick Lawrence. His details are:
Trainer Shepherd Phillips Melin Haynes.
25/26 Poland Street . London W1F 8QN
t 020 7292 9986 . www.tspmlaw.com
I can’t say too much but there are lawsuits going through right now.

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Patrick Ericx (anonymous) 0 Comments

I decided to go for the buyback.
Two years I did receive very correctly the 8% return. Park First even had send me a letter some weeks in advance to inform me that the payment would arrive.
If you go for a grouped case with a lawyer, I am also interested. Patrick +DOT+ Ericx +AT+ googlemail

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