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Home Is park first’s car park investment a scam or a legitimate investment?

Is park first’s car park investment a scam or a legitimate investment?

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Hi. has anyone invested in the car park investments with Park First? Has anyone been paid the promised returns of 16%?

Shaari Answered question April 25, 2020
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Tina (anonymous) 0 Comments

Yes,I do bought to them also, and very worried now, I am in Asia not  in. This year March, I choose buy back by phone and mail, and then, they stop return me any mail, and today and yesterday they keep calling me and pushing me to choose life lease, I am so worried,even if I choose buy back, can we get money back? I think iris better to collect as much investors together and find a strong lawyer to deal with them will be bettere. If u want to talk more, u can mail me, my mail:nininana0520@gmail.com

Tina Answered question April 25, 2018

You can also try Peter Dick pwdick54@me.com
I opted for the lifetime lease . Did you accept the buy back option .

Randal Gossip Answered question June 21, 2018
Patrick Ericx (anonymous) 0 Comments

I decided to go for the buyback.
Two years I did receive very correctly the 8% return. Park First even had send me a letter some weeks in advance to inform me that the payment would arrive.
If you go for a grouped case with a lawyer, I am also interested. Patrick +DOT+ Ericx +AT+ googlemail

Patrick Ericx Answered question July 4, 2018
Nothappy (anonymous) 0 Comments

I am a large investor in Park First Glasgow. I opted for Buy Back and after 7 months and numerous excuses they still haven’t sent back the signed agreements. Now I am being pressurised and incentivised to go over to the Lifetime lease – they seem desperate for me to do so. Why? I’d be interested in a group action against these con people.

Nothappy Answered question July 11, 2018
Anonymous 0 Comments

Hi, I invested in Glasgow airport car parking places. When Park first told me about change of investment scheme, I consulted my broker who introduced the scheme to me the first place, I was told in 5 years, I still can choose buy-back option. And my parking place can be sold on open market. As I didn’t have time looking for solicitor and investigating further, I opt to life lease hoping that I am going to sell my parking places and get my money back at least on the amount what I paid. Is there anyone who shares the similar experience?

Anonymous Answered question July 12, 2018
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