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Home Is park first’s car park investment a scam or a legitimate investment?

Is park first’s car park investment a scam or a legitimate investment?

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Hi. has anyone invested in the car park investments with Park First? Has anyone been paid the promised returns of 16%?

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I am also a car park investor with Park First.
I did not accept neither of Park First’s 2 options which are very fair to us & am looking for similar investors to fight together.
Can you tell me what has been going on with your side?

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I wonder if any of you realise that three of the Linwood Point, Glasgow Car Parks have been CLOSED and BARRICADED SHUT since the end of 2017. Where you told; did you agree to this; what compensation have you been offered; what are you going to do about it ?

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If anyone is unhappy with Park First, please contact solicitor Patrick Lawrence. His details are:
Trainer Shepherd Phillips Melin Haynes.
25/26 Poland Street . London W1F 8QN
t 020 7292 9986 . www.tspmlaw.com
I can’t say too much but there are lawsuits going through right now.

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Has there been any latest developments here as they are hounding me every day to sign the lifetime lease of which I refuse as I don’t think we will ever see our capital investment?

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Hi, I invested in Glasgow airport car parking places. When Park first told me about change of investment scheme, I consulted my broker who introduced the scheme to me the first place, I was told in 5 years, I still can choose buy-back option. And my parking place can be sold on open market. As I didn’t have time looking for solicitor and investigating further, I opt to life lease hoping that I am going to sell my parking places and get my money back at least on the amount what I paid. Is there anyone who shares the similar experience?

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