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Home Park First saga. Everton Rose: A scam or genuine? How can I tell?

Park First saga. Everton Rose: A scam or genuine? How can I tell?

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Anyone heard of Everton Rose? They approached me with a brilliant offer to buy my Glasgow Airport car parking spaces for their clients Beijing Refined Concierge who need 51% in orders to be allowed to operate their service in the UK (but according to their website they already do offer that)? A scam? Or genuine? How can I tell? All sounds fantastic and their website very convincing, but I’d need to put up a hefty sum of money to guarantee I don’t pull out of the deal (and compensate them if I do). Isn’t it customary that a buyer pays a deposit and the Seller pays a fee to the broker out of the funds received? What checks can I make to find out for sure if it’s genuine or a scam?
Thanks for your help in advance

airth Answered question September 6, 2019

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Zhart, It must be a scam for the following reasons:- There is the Sub-Lease of the property to the Investor, and the Leaseback to the Operating Company and a CLass A Share cert, which has no voting rights in the operating company. Also, when you transfer your interest in the Sub-Lease to a new buyer, your Class A share must be surrendered (see Arts of Association) and a new share will be issued to the buyer. It is hard to see how the new buyer can exert any more control over the Operating Company than the current shareholders as the shares are non-voting. If there are any other views out there, I would be interested to hear them.

longview Answered question May 31, 2019
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