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Home How can I contact Essex & London Limited? Have they gone into liquidation?

How can I contact Essex & London Limited? Have they gone into liquidation?

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New Update as of September 2018:
Some clients are eligible to claims via The Claims Bureau – Essex & London Case
Latest update which I have had from Essex Police (the below is a copy and paste from an automated email response):
Thank you for contacting Essex Police regarding Essex and London Properties Limited.
My apologies for the automated response and if you receive this message more than once.
It is with regret that I advise that due to the volume of telephone calls, I have to resort to Email contact in the first instance. Please be assured that your information will be held securely and that we are progressing enquiries to build a successful case.
I confirm that Essex Police Fraud Squad are currently investigating the Directors and associates thereof of Essex and London Properties Limited.
A fraud and money laundering investigation will continue until such stage that we have sufficient evidence to support a prima facie case against several suspects.
A certain amount of funds have been traced and restrained. It seems that of several millions taken in by the company, just one low value property was purchased. Fraud is suspected and we will endeavour to assist in the recovery of any funds by compensation after successful criminal prosecutions. This will take some considerable time and I cannot quote any figures that might be expected in return.
By return and at your convenience, please could you particularise the following:
Date of first contact (Email/phone etc) including names of people spoken to and contact details if available
Value of investments
All company names
For each company: what you were led to believe you were investing with/what your funds would be used for
Dates and value of returns received
Please could you provide all Emails & documents used/sent/supplied, attached to one Email by return or printed and sent by post
Please could you provide pages of your bank statements to show your transfers/payments and receipt of returns. These can be redacted by you of all other information (ie account balances/other transactions etc but please leave your name on the page) or I will redact before using.
Regarding Essex and London Properties Ltd: Please also make a report to Action Fraud and advise me of your report number when you reply:
Action Fraud Tel No. 0300 123 2040 (www.actionfraud.police.uk)
Be cautious of making any other payments to any companies or representatives promising returns. Such activities/efforts usually follow an investor and are what are called “Recovery Boiler Room Frauds”.
I look forward to your reply, following which, I shall compile a witness statement to send you. If you wish to support a criminal prosecution, this will be included in the case papers and used in evidence.
Please provide your name, date of birth, address and occupation in reply.”

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David (anonymous) 0 Comments

My father in law has now lost 650K GBP to follow on scammers.  They are pretending to be from companies such as Landon Finn Rivers, Cordell Groves etc.


The tale is long and deceitful. They have many many scammers who work as a team, men, women etc who sound very middle class English and legitimate.

David Answered question April 22, 2018
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