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Home Holiday Property Bonds – Has Anyone Invested?

Holiday Property Bonds – Has Anyone Invested?


We are considering investing in this but just a bit wary as their website and brochure are very opaque and we are not entirely convinced by it. Essentially it looks to be set up for older couples, but I wanted to see if anyone with a young family has invested and what your experience has been.
I’m guessing that you wouldn’t get very much for a family of 5 during school holidays compared to what you could afford as a retired couple who could book holidays outside peak times. Hopefully I’m wrong!
Does anyone have a copy of a points chart they would be willing to share? It’s not on their website, nor in the brochure you send off for (which looks just like a hard copy of the website with lovely photos but zero financial info – I just find it a bit odd when they’re trying to encourage you to invest thousands of pounds not to be more transparent)
Thanks in advance

Investor Square Answered question April 5, 2019