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Home Did anyone manage to recover their funds from EcoHouse Group property investment in Brazil?

Did anyone manage to recover their funds from EcoHouse Group property investment in Brazil?


You may be aware of EcoHouse Group Developments Ltd.

EcoHouse supposedly invested in the construction of social housing. They offered investors the opportunity to invest in social housing in Brazil and claimed a connection with the Brazilian Government who denies any relationship between them.

In November 2014 the EcoHouse office closed and they failed to pay interest on £20,000,000 for investors. Brazilian police are now probing into the company for alleged fraud.

Has anyone recovered their funds?

approve Answered question August 21, 2020

Ecohouse was a Ponzi Scheme that cost many Singapore’s a lot of money and sorrow. Still to this day, are there many people who want justice. Unfortunately, CEO of Ecohouse Anthony Emery Armstrong is still in hiding but his partner in crime and regional manager at Ecohouse Singapore, Dean Oakford (who also knowingly stole money from Singaporeans) has surfaced again but this time in Malaysia under yet another scam scheme under his new business Wealth by Design.
According to his website at http://wealthbydesignasia.com they “offer International Property Investing” which indicates he is still set on fraudulently stealing money from people in Malaysia to line his own pockets. Dean Oakford and Wealth by Design CANNOT BE TRUSTED!
It is now the time for Dean Oakford be brought to justice and made to answer for the millions of dollars he stole in conjunction with Anthony Emery Armstrong.
I am fully behind you Jane and I strongly suggest that all other people who have lost money from this scam, investigate Dean Oakford thoroughly too.
If there is any hope in retrieving our lost investment, let us stick together and file a lawsuit against Dean Oakford. I am going to see my lawyer this week and will keep you posted. In the mean time please let me know how I can reach you?

roberttang Answered question September 16, 2018
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