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Home Did anyone manage to recover their funds from EcoHouse Group property investment in Brazil?

Did anyone manage to recover their funds from EcoHouse Group property investment in Brazil?


You may be aware of EcoHouse Group Developments Ltd.

EcoHouse supposedly invested in the construction of social housing. They offered investors the opportunity to invest in social housing in Brazil and claimed a connection with the Brazilian Government who denies any relationship between them.

In November 2014 the EcoHouse office closed and they failed to pay interest on £20,000,000 for investors. Brazilian police are now probing into the company for alleged fraud.

Has anyone recovered their funds?

approve Answered question August 21, 2020

Many Singaporeans lost a lot of money over the Ecohouse Group ponzi scam. I personally lost £50, 000. This was all of my life savings. I attended the presentation held by Mr Anthony Armstrong Emery where many was sold on the product of Social Housing in Brazil.
Around about the same time, a few of us met with a Mr. Dean Oakford, the Branch Manager of Ecohouse Singapore who was directly linked and was also responsible for this Ponzi scheme. Dean Oakford can be seen in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-FwgoNuXLU promoting the Ecohouse scam.
I very quick search on Google for Mr. Oakford reveals that he has started his own real estate company called Wealth By Design – https://www.wealthbydesignasia.com/about-us which by all accounts I assume is yet another Ponzi scheme business targeting the Malaysia’s now. His phone number per the website is +60 17 284-4205.
I have submitted Dean Oakford’s name and phone number to the Brazilian Police for investigation and have additionally submitted his name to the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Securities Commission of Malaysia. I call on all Singaporeans who lost money in Ecohouse to reach out to Dean Oakford for an explanation and possible retrieval of lost funds. I would gladly be part of a Class Action Lawsuit to do whatever it takes to get my money back.
We have to stop people like these from stealing money from via illegal Ponzi schemes.

janecollins68 Answered question September 10, 2018
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