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Home Did anyone manage to recover their funds from EcoHouse Group property investment in Brazil?

Did anyone manage to recover their funds from EcoHouse Group property investment in Brazil?


You may be aware of EcoHouse Group Developments Ltd.

EcoHouse supposedly invested in the construction of social housing. They offered investors the opportunity to invest in social housing in Brazil and claimed a connection with the Brazilian Government who denies any relationship between them.

In November 2014 the EcoHouse office closed and they failed to pay interest on £20,000,000 for investors. Brazilian police are now probing into the company for alleged fraud.

Has anyone recovered their funds?

approve Answered question August 21, 2020

I lost my money through three hyper yielding investment platforms whose companies were registered in London, UK. They claimed to have registered their companies in the US as well. The three companies are Moni-Finex (Moni-Finex Global), Fidelity and InclusiveFx (Inclusive Services).

Moni Finex’s webpages have been inactive since the beginning of August and I have been unable to withdraw since July 12 2019 The MF migrated July 25 2019 to MoniFinex Mining, again unable to withdraw. The sites posted they were performing an internal audit during the month of August 2019; subsequently, it announced the systems were being upgraded since early August. All official Chat-rooms at Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook are now disabled and some vanished altogether. I Contacted the CEO via WhatsApp, he did not read my notes or respond.

Fidelity would keep promising mouth watering ROI to lure you in showing you simulated trades and it is almost impossible for you to make a withdrawal. One excuse after the other. That’s when it became crystal clear that I have been scammed of my hard earned money.

My total lost with these three companies was USD532,876.21 as of August 1, 2019. I needed a major portion of this balance to pay off the down-liners who were threatening to file charges for misleading as well as fraud. Their combined balance is approximately USD600,000. A top wealth recovery company in the US brilliantly helped recoup 92% of my lost capital to these fraud companies all within a 2 week period. I can’t thank you guys at RECOVERYWEALTHNOW360 at g mail d oO t c o m enough . I am typing this with tears rolling down my cheeks! Please stay away from HYPER YIELDING INVESTMENT PLATFORMS to avoid the agony and pain I went through!!

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