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Top Ways to Organise the Garage

You may have had every intention for your garage to be the place where your car lives when you first got your house, but if it’s currently filled with a mess of boxes and garden tools, you’re not alone. Most people use their garage as a storage space because often the family life that they are living in overspills. 

They choose to invest in good pallet racking for the garage to hold all of their boxes and all of their things, but it doesn’t mean that it’s always going to look very organized. This is that your garage doesn’t have to look like a dumping site. You can get rid of all the clutter and find some way to organize all of it and all it takes is a few tips that we have for you below.

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  • Have a good sort out. Clearing out the clutter is only going to be possible if you sort out what clutter and what’s not. Often because you’ve shut the door on the garage you don’t actually know what’s in it anymore. You need to spend some time going through everything and figuring out what is rubbish for the tip and what is something that you’re going to keep. While you are there, things that are in good condition can always either be donated or sold online to help you make a little cash for the pallet racking that you need.
  • Group the similar items together. If you have tools and screws and nails, you can always group these into organizing boxes. There are plenty of tool boxes that you can buy that will separate all of your hardware and this will help you to keep everything in order. If you’ve got tons of boxes, go through each of the boxes to figure out what’s in each one. Decorations and holiday items can be put in one place, but so can clothes.
  • Zone your garage. Create specific areas for different things in your garage. By creating zones, you will have areas for your tools, areas for your mementos, and even areas for bags and jackets that you don’t need that are not in season. You could even install pegboards and racks to hold your stuff, and this will help to keep your garage bench clear. By making sure that everything has a home, you can bring organization back into your garage again.
  • Use shelving. We’ve talked about pallet racking, but shelving can really help. There’s so many options for garage shelving and it can be as lightweight or as heavy duty as you like. The best part is that you can fold these down and take them with you to the next property once you do move. Utilize as much available space as possible and use racks where you can to keep things off of the floor.

Organizing your garage is going to make you feel far more at peace with the way in which you’re running your home. Take your time with this, though, because you don’t want it to be a mess at the start and the end of the process.

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