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Relocating Your Business? You’ve Come To The Right Place

There are plenty of reasons why as a business owner you might consider a relocation. You might be interested in taking advantages of cheaper tax band in another country. Countries are currently offering tax incentives to get already established businesses to relocate there. Perhaps, you’re facing a reduction of demand and it’s forced your company to look for fresh pastures. Or, on the brighter side, maybe you need a bigger place for your growing company. Whatever the reason for your relocation we’re going to help you achieve it. On this post, you’ll find everything that you should consider when moving your company.

Laws, Labour, And Tax

It’s possible that you’re moving your business to a new international location. Usually, this doesn’t mean that you are stopping the sale of goods and services in the current location. Rather you’re simply moving your headquarters or a large junk of your production team. Usually the reason for this is a tax break scheme. We’ve briefly already discussed this. Business owners have to pay a fortune in taxes each year. It’s not hard to see why a break could be an attractive possibility for them. But you have to be careful here. Usually, a tax break isn’t just about bringing fresh interest into the company. It’s because they have no choice. Due to poor economic circumstances they must do everything they can to get businesses to relocate. In many ways, this can be a case of getting on board a sinking ship.

Alternatively you might move because of “better” labour laws. In different countries labour laws vary. Whereas in Britain labour laws might have the minimum wage at six fifty an hour, in developing countries it might be closer to two. You can see why this could be a great incentive to relocate. But again you have to be careful. If your business starts to gain more publicity this practice will be discovered. It’s hit a number of businesses hard in the past including Primark, Starbucks and even Apple.

Connections, Transportation, And Demand


Before you move your business to a new location, you’re going to want to check out a few different factors. The first is connection quality and of course, we’re referring to internet connections with this one. No matter what your business is, we guarantee you’re going to need a strong internet connection. For the modern business it’s crucial for information to be shared as quickly as possible. In fact, in most cases it’s preferential for info to be instantly accessible on a cloud. You can get a server setup for your company location. But it’s not going to matter if you’re in an area with poor signal.

Second, you need to look at transportation links. Time wastage in business is a major problem that you want to avoid. A basic waste of time is when transportation for your business is stuck in traffic. Or, if it takes a while for materials to reach your business or factory. This is particularly important for an industrial company. Make sure to look at traffic levels before you set up shop. As well as this take a note of how far away main transportation links are.

Finally, you need to think about demand. If you’re relocating your business to find fresh demand, you better make sure that there is some. Part of this is just common sense. For instance, if you’re running a shipping insurance company it doesn’t make sense to relocate to a place without a dock. Or, if your business specialises in marketing you may want to move closer to somewhere such a silicon valley. This is one of the boom spots for startups and they always need marketing.


Relocation Services, Costs And Finding The Right Price

Your next task is to handle to costs of the relocation. You’d be amazed how easily the costs of relocating a business can grow out of control. If possible, you want to avoid this. You should research different services and companies online. Find out which one is offering the cheapest deal for their services. Don’t make the mistake of buying the first one you see. We tried this search  and it took us a while to find a quality service such as Fox moving and storage. You should do this for every service you use during the move including surveyors and solicitation.

If you want to keep the costs of buying a new place low, you need to look at properties with potential. Potential doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pay a high price. Rather the cost of the property will be low. But with a little investment you can easily make it a fantastic place of business. It’s the same as buying a home that’s a fixer upper. Beware of mortgage companies too. You need to find the right one offering the best deal on the property you choose.

Security Curb Appeal

Once you buy the property, you’ve got other issues to think about. You need to consider security. Don’t forget there’s a good chance that a lot of what’s being stored in your business property is going to be valuable. From the computer, your employees use to the data on the hard drives. That’s why you need to set up the best security features that money can buy. We strongly suggest you look into CCTV and alarm systems that you can use to protect your investment.


You need to think about curb appeal as well. Remember, part of the job of the business premises is to attract new clients to the company. You can only do this if your business looks like somewhere they’d want to go. This is all about the way the exterior of the property looks. Adding metal panels to the walls provides two benefits. First, it makes the property look modern and stylish. Second, it provides better insulation, thereby cutting the costs of the office upkeep.

Above you’ll find all the information you need about relocating your business. We hope you find it useful during your move.

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