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Coconut Investment in Brazil – $60K for 2 Hectares – 36% ROI Per Year

coconut investment plantations in brazil

This is a hands-off investment which gives you the opportunity to own plots of land in Brazil that are being used to harvest coconuts for biofuel/ethanol production and other end uses. The estimated profit will depend on the amount invested.  An initial investment of $60,000 should generate just over $20,000 (after management fees).

Investment summary:

  • Hands-off Revenue Earning Opportunity

  • Strong Demand in one of the World’s Leading Economies

  • Freehold Land Ownership

  • Safe & Secure Investment Strategy

  • 36% ROI Per Year (Net after management fees)

  • IRR Projected at 17%

  • Invest from as little as 60K USD

The land management group has developed a way for investors to:

a) Own land in  Northeast Brazil. Which on it’s own could be considered a worthwhile investment in a country experiencing explosive economic growth(with strong foreign freehold rights). Northeast Brazil is the fastest growing region of the country as well.

b) Own top of the line coconut plants that will produce fruit for up to 60 years. Not only do people all over the world eat the meat of the plant, but they drink the water, use the oil for cooking and cosmetics but also are more and more using it to power their cars. 90% of cars in Brazil are biodiesel ready and 32% are already running on biodiesel. As you know biomass fuels are growing in popularity not just in Brazil but the world over. So the fruit produced has many uses and a naturally limited supply as coconuts cannot be produced everywhere.

c) Do all of this without having to manage a thing. The group will do all the work for a percentage of the income. $45,000 buys you a two hectare plot which will bring you an estimated $25,000 yearly net profit(after land and management fees). There is also a buyout option if you choose to exit early. You may replace management at any time if you so wish as well. The first plantation at 112 plots was sold on a little over a month at $35,000 a plot. This plantation is going for $45,000. It will sell out quickly and the next plantation will be $60,000 and the one after that $80,000. The returns simply justify the price.  So if this is something that interests you please keep this in mind.

For further details on this land investment opportunity please call Ross Kelly on +447799431284 or download the brochure by using the contact form below:

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  1. I have not invested in this company, however, I’ve found the people involved to be friendly and helpful in answering questions. They do not push their investment on you, but invite you to come and look for yourself.


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