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Hedge Your Bets with Apex Algorithms

In Sandwich, Kent, I found Apex Algorithms nestled within a smart office, complete with their very own branded pool table! A pleasant, naturally lit workspace based within the prestigious Pfizer Building, now known as Discovery Park – opened in 2012 and one the world’s leading science and business parks.

Apex Algorithms are a unique sports trading company. Established by ex-City workers in 2013, it combines their passion for both the financial and sports markets, along with their commitment in intense quantitative analysis to provide successful results.

What this means in practice, is that Apex Algorithms take advantage of market mispricing. Most people betting on individual sporting events will lose money meaning that bookmakers do not have to be that sophisticated with their risk management. This in turn leads to inadequacies that the friendly folks at Apex Algorithms exploit. Furthermore, bookmakers offer odds to maximise their profits, not to reflect true probability. For example, if one team is heavily backed, they adjust the odds to offset their own exposure and profit from the commission.

They use sophisticated financial market techniques and advanced Artificial Intelligence, made possible with the availability of over a decades’ worth of historical data, to assist in creating and rigorously backtesting accurate prediction models.

Using Artificial Intelligence techniques to build neural networks and genetic algorithms, data can be mined to discern whether the phenomena in the markets are real or just noise and build models accordingly. Advanced mathematics using supercomputers can also be applied to the sports markets.

Machine learning is the process by which software learns from past experiences to enable it to predict the future and is becoming increasingly formidable. The longer Artificial Intelligence is exposed to real- world conditions, the smarter it gets and the better the prediction models become.

For more reviews please go to https://apexalgorithms.co.uk/reviews/

More information
For more information, please visit our website https://apexalgorithms.co.uk. Or alternatively, please call
us on 01304 802820 or email us at info@apexalgorithms.co.uk

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  1. I’ve been investing with Apex for a good 12 months now and absolutely love the product and service. Nathan and his team have been amazing. This is a reliable, solid investment vehicle that’s been extensively back tested and performs as expected. I’m regularly kept informed of the algos performance and have not been disappointed. I’ve also met with Nathan and a few of his colleagues on a number of occasions, which has been both reassuring for investor security and beneficial to learn more about how the product works. Risk is very carefully calculated by the team to ensure a good balance of risk/reward to the syndicate funds. Withdrawals that I have requested have been processed in a timely manner and without any barriers or pressure to reinvest. As soon as I have some more funds spare I’ll be topping my account up again. I would thoroughly recommend this as an investment over any product out there at present offering similar returns.

  2. As a serious investor; I’m impressed with the company and it’s returns so far. I have been a client for nearly a year now. My account manager Joseph keeps me up to date with what’s going on and sends detailed updates each week with my account balance and information on the weeks trades. I would highly recommend to anyone out there looking for good consistent returns on their investment.

  3. My experiences with Apex have been very positive from a return and service viewpoint. I have been investing since April 2018. Like the comments above I have also visited and met up with Nathan (owner), Brian (the Algorithm developer) plus Joe my account manager. Customer service is excellent. Returns have been consistently positive in this period. There was one week where there was a small loss (0.67%). Other than that all weekly returns over 33 weeks have been gains, roughly in line with expectations of 3% per month. Updates to investors are sent weekly. Professional and friendly.

  4. I have been with apex algorythms now since February this year. There is definitely positive returns with only very few negative weeks although the return does not amount to 3% per month yet. There is regular weekly feedback and Joseph and his colleagues are easily contacted and very courteous. I check the investor area every Monday morning as soon as I wake up to know the result of the previous week.To achieve 3% per month means that every week the result has to be + 3% or more so that you can achieve 075% and this is not the case and you can look at historical results.
    The other downside is that I can only see this earnings on screen because I can’t touch my money for a year. I was also told that the earnings are tax free and this is another advantage. I will be more reassured when I am able to withdraw some money.
    Mr Ibrahim

  5. Correction:
    In my previous comment I meant “ to achieve 3% per month every week the result should be+1.5% to earn 0.75%

  6. My experiences with Apex have been truly amazing, I have been investing since around June last year. Like the comments above I have also visited and met up with Nathan and the two other gentlemen previously mentioned in above comments. Customer service is undeniably the best I have experienced. The returns have been consistently positive in my time being with Apex. There have been times when it is negative but with anything you do have up and downs and fortunately with Apex there are plenty more good weeks than bad. Other than that results speak for themselves, I initially interested 5,000 and after the first month moved another 7,500 in there, as I’m posting this I don’t know my current balance but after a year i had a balance of 15,500 so around 3000 in one year is definitely better than any investment I’ve seen or heard of. If there is any better I’d love to hear. Luke

  7. Apex have been very impressive so far. The results have been decent, and communication is both frequent and clear. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of giving it a go.

  8. I have been following Apex Algorithms for some time. I have spoken many times with the investor relations team and they are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I like that they advise me to make the best decisions for me and are not one of those impatient companies. As a result, I will get involved as I am confident that their excellent returns will continue into the foreseeable future.

    I highly recommend them and look forward to being part of their investment collective.

  9. My involvement with Apex started with a call from Joseph. I am not exactly sure how my number was known to Apex, but I was assured that they do not do cold calls. I get a lot of emails with investment advice – too many. My name may have found its way onto a register of people interested in investing. Joseph explained the basic idea, that the algorithm decides when to place a bet on a football outcome, of which there are many possibilities for each match. He also emailed me a spreadsheet showing past results from a previous year. In my case this was very helpful, as I like looking at data. The spreadsheet showed for each potential wager whether to bet or not, and if so, how much, together with the result. Not all bets are won. But this is the point. It’s a sort of statistical arbitrage method that generates more wins than losses in the long run (by a good margin).
    At this point I had had two telephone discussions and an email, which I felt was not sufficient to part with money. The dictum, caveat emptor, has never been more relevant than dealing with investing – particularly when we read daily of people receiving bad financial advice, e.g. on pensions, and in some cases outright scams. So I asked to visit the company and meet some real people. I arranged to travel down to their office at Betteshanger, in South-East Kent. (They have since moved to the Discovery Park in Sandwich, where there is a cluster of high tech firms).
    The visit went well. I finally met Joseph in person, together with the firm’s boss, Nathan, and various other members of staff. Thus reassured, I agreed to open an account with a moderate first payment. The Apex model works on a weekly cycle. Every Monday, by email, you receive an update with the percentage gain (or loss), being the aggregate of the previous week’s bets. As well as keeping people informed, I find this has a psychological benefit: a gentle reminder that the system is running as stated. So I have subsequently increased my stake in stages. Also important, I have never felt pressured by Apex to invest.


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