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Finding The Funds To Launch A Start Up

There are many options available to your for finding the funds to launch a startup. Happily, this means you are more likely to be able to find one that suits you! Read on to learn about some of your options.

Personal Savings

A starting place for many when launching a startup is using your own funds. It could be that you had an idea for a business, but want to save for a few years first. This is an option. It is a good one also. Having your own money for your startup means that you don’t have to pay interest like you do when borrowing money. It also puts you in the driver’s seat. You can decide how much you access, and when you access it. There is nobody to tell you when you can or can’t do this. However, maybe you are eager and impatient to launch your startup. Unless you already have the savings, you might have to look to other means if you don’t want to wait.

Business Loan

If you are launching a small business, you can take out a loan. The most common way that most people know about is loaning from a bank. You can get a varied loan rate or a fixed rate.

However, there is another option; a line of credit investment. Big businesses use them often to meet their needs and for strategic opportunities of investment. It is a flexible loan, of a specific amount of money. You can access it as and when you need it. Interest is charged from the moment the borrowing starts. However, you can access the funds at any point, and in any amount. This flexible approach makes them very appealing. If you’ve never considered one before, ask your bank. They don’t advertise them that often, but many do do them if you meet specific criteria.  

Friends And Family

If you don’t have the funds yourself, and you don’t want to or can’t take out a line of credit? There is another option. That is borrowing from your friends or family. Pitch your idea to them and ask if they want to invest. Reassure them that their investment will be taken 100% seriously. You can even offer to draw up official documents if that will make them feel better. This also demonstrates how serious you are about your startup, and how much respect the investment of money in you.


Crowdfunding is a bit like borrowing or taking money from friends or family, except you are looking further afield. In fact, you are turning to complete strangers, people you’ve never met before. How does it work? Well, you put your idea out there. You pitch its benefits, its workings and its future goals, explaining everything in detail. Then? You sit back and see if anybody likes it. Sometimes people love an idea so much that they are willing to put forward their own money to see it happen. Don’t discount the process of Crowdfunding until you’ve researched it, and maybe even tried it out yourself. It genuinely does work, and sometimes to phenomenal effect.

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