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7 Reasons Startups Should Invest In Corporate Events

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If you’re a startup, you’re at an inherent disadvantage. Your rivals could be many months or even years ahead of you, which can leave you drowning. You have to do everything in your power to rise to the occasion and give your company a fighting chanc

Investing in corporate events is one such way to do this. By ‘investing’, we mean to host an event of your own, or invest your time into attending them. Both options are viable, and will service the goal of giving your startup the best possible chance at success.

  1. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

And the only way to meet people is to network. And one of the only ways to network is to attend, or host, corporate events. You will meet like-minded individuals who you may be able to work with, which in turn can help you grow. This opens up the doors for sponsorship and collaborative opportunities, which can help you thrive.

  1. Gain respect within your industry

Every business wants to be respected, and the only way to get there is to put your company out there. If you’re respected, people will see you as a dominant force within your particular industry, and will always think of you first. And, a solid job at hosting an event is one way to gain respect!

  1. Let people know you exist

Because if you’re a startup, you’ll need all the exposure you can get. Attending and hosting events are forms of marketing – don’t forget that. Sure, you want to meet your industry peers, but you’re there to promote your business. So paint it in a good light! As the saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind’. You have to stay visible to stay relevant!

  1. Discuss an important agenda

Whatever your business stands for, make it known. If you have something particular you’d like to discuss on a broad scale, events are the way to do it. What’s more, there are event companies that can handle the mundane stuff like venue booking, and leave you to work on your speeches and agenda.

  1. Recruitment opportunities

It isn’t solely business executives that attend trade shows and events. It’s employees too, and contractors, and freelancers. Anyone who is present has some sort of interest in your company.

So, you can use this chance to look for some new employees – perhaps poaching them from a rival. Ask around, and find people who are looking for work. At least you know you’ll have common ground. This is also a great way to show employees you care about their skills.

  1. Gain some more general tips

As well as industry-specific advice, attending events allows you to meet with a wide range of people. From business advisors to financial advisors to marketing advisors, you’ll be in a better position to return to your company. You’ll have more general knowledge, more common sense, and more business acumen.

  1. ‘Steal’ other company’s ideas

Not that I condone stealing in any fashion! But is it so bad to take some inspiration? You may notice that a business rival does something a particular way, which could apply to you. Get talking to people and look to poach any useful business-related tips and tricks. Subtly, of course.

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