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The UK Housing Market in a Nutshell

UK housing market

There is an abundance of resources on the internet covering the current state of the British housing market, although it may like a tangled web of information at times. This is one of the main reasons why eMortgage Calculator has gathered statistical data from numerous reports over the years and collated it into this single representation. This report gives you a structured overview of the most important developments witnessed in the UK property market over the last two decades.

Some of the facts presented below are self-evident, but the actual numbers might be substantially different to what you initially anticipated. The greater majority of us know that London’s housing market is a premium property investment market; e.g. houses are in fact a whopping 218% more costly than in the North-west of England. However, the story was quite different in the early 90’s when the Outer Metropolitan region was seen as the most expensive area in which to own a property.

There have been some significant shifts in the market over the past decades as will be evidenced in this nifty little infographic that eMortgage Calculator has put together to help you map the market as a first time buyer or as an existing mortgagor.

A Recent History of the UK Housing Market

Source: A recent history of the uk housing market

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