Home News The UK Guide to Raise The Value of Your Home!

The UK Guide to Raise The Value of Your Home!

The UK Guide to Raise the Value of Your Home

We have to admit most of us are not that expert in finances and investing. Whenever we have to deal with money and how to use it, we immediately think about the word “risks” and “stocks” and other things that is better not to consider. But the truth is there are so many ways one can invest safely.

One of them is quite simple. Houses are a very important part of everybody’s lives. How can you live without a roof? Lots of people rent apartments, move and consequently this is a huge business. A simple way to invest your money is improving your house. Not buying a new property (did you check prices recently?), but improving yours in a way that will be profitable for you in the future.

In this infographic you can see the best ways to do it: with extensions and conversions you can easily achieve a +5 or +10% increase of your home value. The most interesting item is “loft conversions”. Did you know that they can get you even a +20%? If you think about it, it’s not strange at all. Adding a room will improve the quality of your life and you can also choose to rent the additional space and get extra income.

Enjoy! How will you invest in your house?

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