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A Complete Guide to Using the Auto Trader Software in 2021

The concept of automated trading almost sounds too good to be true. The idea that software can automatically enter and exit a trade on your behalf while making profits with virtually no input from you is exciting.

Automated trading software allows you to set your criterion to determine entry, exit points in the markets, and create money management rules. Once the system has been programmed, you can monitor your targeted market and trades made automatically.

Your entry and exit conditions can range from straightforward instructions to complicated and advanced strategies. Automated trading software can trade various markets, such as Forex and shares, and anybody with active internet and a computer can access it. 

Most people who go into trading are usually green on matters concerning the trading process and the financial markets, making this software very popular. When anybody asks, ‘What is auto trader?’ the concept explanation is always very attractive to most once they grasp it.

Expert advisors Vs. Forex Robots

In automated trading systems, there exist two categories, EA (Expert Advisors) and Forex robots. Experienced and highly skilled professionals who specialize in writing algorithms that analyze market trends and pinpoint entry and exit points in the forex market formulate both these categories.

The difference between the two is trade placement. EAs do not place market orders automatically on your behalf. They instead provide you with trading signals. You can then decide whether to open or close a position based on this information. Forex robots automatically deal with the whole process without your input.

How the Auto Trader works in Forex

The best auto traders in Forex analyze the activity in the market and currency price charts. The software’s configuration is such that it identifies necessary trading signals such as patterns in price instability, discrepancies in spreads, and any news that might affect currency fluctuations and transactions.

Some trading platforms have in-built wizards for building strategies, which allow traders to create parameters via common indicators. Most traders desire to program their customized indicators and personal trading strategies. If they are not familiar with their platforms’ programming language, they hire a programmer to help.

Once you have set the system rules, the software monitors the forex markets looking for buying and selling opportunities, depending on your trading strategy. Once the auto trader enters the trade, it automatically orders for stop losses, take profits, and trailing stops. In a fast-moving market, the order entry being made immediately may mean the difference between a substantial loss and a small loss if the market goes against your favor.

Advantages of the Auto Trader

The auto trader has several advantages, such as:

  • Minimization of Emotions

The auto trader system reduces emotions in the trading process. Keeping emotions under control allows you to stick to your strategy. When the trade rules have been met, trade orders are automatically executed; otherwise, you cannot doubt the trade. Automatic trading helps traders who are not too keen to take risks and curbs those who are overambitious and might overtrade.

  • Backtesting

Backtesting is the application of trade rules to market data for determining an idea’s viability. All rules must be clear when designing an automated trading system, leaving no room for guesswork or interpretation. A computer has to be programmed and cannot make any guesses. Before putting money in live trades, you can test these rules and try them on historical data. Backtesting carefully allows you to fine-tune and evaluate a trading idea, as well as determine the expectancy of the system, which means the average amount you can expect to gain or lose per risk unit.

  • Trade Diversification

Auto trading systems allow you to trade several accounts or multiple strategies simultaneously. This spreads risk across different instruments and creates a hedge against any losing positions. This is a challenging feat for a human to perform, and a computer can complete it in milliseconds. The computer can also scan different market ranges for trading opportunities, monitor trades, and generate orders.


Before using the auto trader, please do some research on its pros and cons. Just because the auto trader doe most of the legwork for you does not mean you stay ignorant of the facts.

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