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Top Reasons To Invest In Canada

In the Top Ten of the most competitive countries and rising above the current global economic crisis, Canada is the number one investment destination.

Due to the economic growth forecast in Canada, it is ranked as the 4th best country to conduct business from 2010 to 2014 and offers substantial stability. Labelled a safe-haven for investors all over the world, Canada continues to symbolise a stable foundation for future success and affluence.

Furthermore to this, Canada has been voted the best place to live in the world by British expats not just because of the financial security, but also due to the superior working conditions and laid-back lifestyle with its sensational scenery, first-class universities, superior health care system and friendly city atmosphere; Canada is a fantastic place to live in, work in, raise a family and invest in.

Because of this, there is a massive demand for new property especially within commuting distance to Halifax. Multinational organizations are also multiplying and creating more and more jobs furthering the need for extra residential properties across Canada.

In 2011, Nova Scotia’s Irving Shipbuilding was contracted by the federal government which in turn means a further 15,000 jobs will emerge every year for the next thirty years resulting in massive additional needs for quality housing.

As you can see, the reasons for investing in Canada are plentiful and it is no surprise that hundreds of foreign direct investors have entrusted billions of dollars in plants, operations and property. Canada is undoubtedly a country where businesses and investors can achieve success on a global scale.

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