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Top 5 Overseas Countries That Offer Potential for Property Investors

This article looks closely at five countries where there is set to be huge potential in property investments over the next 12 months.

Top 5 Overseas Countries for Property Investors

Due mainly to the 2012 Olympics starting next month, the investment markets for London properties have become somewhat saturated, and are likely to do so for many years to come, given that the city is a popular investment choice anyway. Despite the enduring popularity of London, the UK property investment market is, in general, at a low point.

What are the top five alternative investment destinations that will deliver long-term returns on investments made over the next year?


Turkey has recently overtaken Asian powerhouses China and India to become the fastest growing economy in the world, and the property investment market in the country is riding the crest of that wave. The Turkish economy is in great shape, with the key cities in the country still growing, job opportunities becoming available all of the time and the country in a buoyant mood.

These factors combine to make Turkey an excellent property investment proposition, as with tourism to the country still growing in popularity, investors can look at holiday properties or the general Turkish residential market.


Another emerging market on the global stage and set to host the FIFA World Cup in 2014, Brazil is set to be a huge opportunity for property investors. At the time of writing there is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding infrastructure with regards to 2014, so investing now could see a highly equitable return in five year’s time. Two of the country’s major cities, Natal and Sao Paulo, are massively popular and present perhaps the biggest investment opportunities in the country.


The Romanian property markets are at rock bottom, yet their economy is experiencing growth at much higher levels than the rest of Europe. Thankfully, they are not involved with the Euro single currency, either. When a similar scenario unfolded in Latvia, economic growth was followed by property price increases of up to 15% within the year. Romania looks set to follow a similar trend, investors should be putting their money into the country now.


Prices for holiday villas and apartments in Thailand have hit rock bottom. While general residential properties in the capital, Bangkok, have remained stable and the rest of the country is recovering, there remains a huge opportunity to make massive gains through investment in the most popular and emerging Thai tourist resorts.

United States

Global economic crisis or not, the United States is still a superpower. With the rental market booming and property prices at an all-time low, there has perhaps never been a better time to invest in the lucrative American property market.


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