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Invest in GBMS Tech Cyber Security

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Cyber security is a multibillion dollar industry and cyber threats just keep coming. Hackers, malware, viruses and ransomeware, all out to steal or cause destruction. Companies have been waiting for a 100% solution and this is it.

The principal product of GBMS tech is a hardware and software managed service called Trident CMP which includes GBMS Tech owned hardware intellectual property. It works differently to Firewalls and Antivirus and provides 100% protection against cyber threats. Invest in the company that uses a paradigm shift in cybersecurity, as demand for a 100% effective solution erupts due to cybercrime growth and new data protection regulations coming into effect.

Risk Mitigation and Tax incentives.

Learn how the Enterprise Investment Scheme Tax rebate works and how investors can diversify risk by investing in EIS businesses. The EIS scheme is available to all UK investors who are also tax payers.

Why Invest?

  • HMRC EIS Approved Investment
  • FCA Registered Company
  • Benefit from Multibillion Dollar Industry
  • Industry Disrupting Cyber-Security Product
  • Incentivised by World Leading Insurance Companies
  • Invest from £10,000

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