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From The Digital To The Reality: Protecting Your Business

In order to make sure that we are looking after our business we must recognise the importance of our technology. It isn’t enough to say that businesses require comprehensive anti-virus packaging but when we are looking to make our business impenetrable it’s not just about the technology it’s about having a swift combination of digital practices while also making sure that our employees know the best practices too. And with this in mind what can we do to ensure that our business is protecting itself through its technology and human components?

Instant Access To The Right Documents

If you’ve ever worked in an organisation where all the important documents are stored on a drive that you seldom access it soon slips your mind or down your list of priorities. It’s a good idea to grant instant access to documents through numerous practices. A good example would be to generate a QR code. There are companies like Flowcode that allow you to generate a QR code for your website but you can apply this practice so you can access documents instantly. This means that employees could very well use their phones to access key business information.

Outsourcing The Right Components

Outsourcing is the perfect way to improve components of your business that you don’t have control over. Hiring an outsourced IT provider can give you the opportunity to hand the reins over to them. Once they’ve been able to assess your capabilities they can tell you far better than you can where you are going wrong. When you begin to outsource components you may think that you are siphoning off parts of the business. But think of it in terms of asking for help. If you don’t have the capabilities or the finances in-house, outsourcing becomes your saviour.

BYOD Policies

This only works to protect your business if you have a secure network in place. Arguably right now we are at a point where everybody has to work remotely. And this is where many businesses are frantically scrambling to set up a secure network so people can work from home securely. And if you don’t have the finances to provide computers, incorporating a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy is that perfect way to bridge the gap. From the perspective of an employee, BYOD policies make things easier because they can access documents through their phone or their device but they also know the device better than they would the work computer.

Communication Practices

When a business fails in its communication we can’t blame the employees for not picking up on best practices. This means that if you are looking to protect our business you’ve got to make sure that you have the communicative aspects in place. Having the right tech will help but we’ve got to make sure that our employees know what to do in the event of a cyber attack or a fishing scan. And in order to do this properly, we’ve got to communicate duties and responsibilities.

Protecting your business is not a one-size-fits-all approach but it’s about making sure that every aspect works in tandem, from the digital to the reality.

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