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Invest in the Bio Banking of Dental Stem Cells

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Stem Cells ARE the future of medicine. They have the potential to

re-grow and repair virtually any organ, nerve, tissue or bone.

Originally, Stem Cells from Umbilical cords was able to be used in therapies to treat certain blood disorders in family members. The family had to decide at the time of birth to store the cord in a” Bio-Bank” approved for storage. If the decision wasn’t taken, it was gone forever. This industry called the “Cord-Blood” industry and has been growing at a rate of 25% per year.

Recently, the NIH (National Institute for Health) discovered that powerful Stem Cells can be found in a Child’s first set of teeth and also in Wisdom teeth. These Dental Stem Cells have the ability to grow bone, tissue, and even neural cells. This has created an unprecedented new opportunity to provide Stem Cell banking services to families.

Grace Century has found the one company, that was founded a year ago. They are already positioned to be the leaders in Dental Stem Cell Banking. They are the ONLY Dental Stem cell Banking service which:

  • Has proprietary rights and uses the ONLY FDA/ADA (food and Drug Administration /American Dental Association) approved kit for transporting dental tissue
  • Cultures Dental Tissue Stem Cells in a FDA and GMP approved Laboratory and  under CLIA (Clinical Lab Improvement Amendment), and the only one in the U.S., which tests for Stem cell Biomarkers, thus ensuring that the customer’s sample contains Stem Cells.
  • The Company is already doing 30% of its business internationally. The U.S. Market is estimated to be worth $3Billon, and with 4 million new Children coming into the 5-12 year age group annually, the market is wide open.

While 1000’s of firms are working on therapies to utilize these cells, and some have not yet even been thought of, everyone knows that the Stem cells are the key. We feel Bio-banking, with an Industry leader, is the only way to make money in Stem Cells now.

A 0.25%  market share in the U.S. alone is conservatively estimated at a 12-15 times return on investment.

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