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7 Technologies that are Changing Laundry Businesses

In this modern age of doing business, embracing technology is a necessity and not a luxury. Even in laundry businesses, it is a must to implement the latest innovations to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and boost profitability. That said, this article will list some of the best technologies that are changing the way laundry businesses operate. 

  1. Automatic Heating and Cooling Systems 

Comfort is one of the most important things in a laundry facility. Especially if it is a self-service laundry where people spend a long time washing and drying, prioritize climate control technologies. Invest in systems that will automatically adjust the temperature depending on what is most comfortable. 

2. Smart Lighting 

Smart lighting goes beyond modern homes. It also found its way in today’s laundry businesses. Using motion-activated lights is one of the best ways to save electricity. This means that some of the lights in the shop will turn on only once it detects motion. 

3. Coin-Operated Washers and Dryers 

In recent years, we have seen a proliferation of vended laundry systems, such as those that are from Continental Girbau. They are coin-operated, which will help in the reduction of operating expenses. You don’t need to employ full-time staff to do the laundry for the customers. While minimizing overhead, this also offers flexibility as customers can wash and dry their clothes anytime. 

4. Laundry Automation 

With modern equipment from companies like Continental Girbau, laundry automation is possible. This will let laundry equipment work as if it has a mind of its known. There’s no more need to make manual adjustments. Machines will calculate the amount of water and soap it will need, as well as the duration of the wash and dry cycle. 

5. Digital Marketing 

Laundry businesses need to embrace digital marketing trends. This is crucial in effectively getting the marketing message across the target audience. Whether it is through social media or email marketing, tap various online marketing channels to reach more people without the need to spend a fortune.  

6. Smartphone App 

Since we are living in a digital era, consider building a smartphone app. This app can be a powerful tool for promoting your laundry business. It can also redefine the way you deliver services to your customers. It allows customers to request pick-up or delivery and to monitor the status of laundry.  They can also use a mobile app to settle payments. 

7. Low-Water Laundry Systems 

Green technologies are gaining more popularity in laundry businesses today. Among others, a good example is the introduction of low-water systems. Some innovations can cut water usage significantly without compromising quality. 

There are many ways to incorporate technology into the daily operations of your laundry business. As mentioned above, you can use automatic lighting, digital marketing, mobile app, and low-water laundry systems, among others. Doing these things will not only demonstrate your affinity for technology, but it can also be an effective way to reduce costs and boost profitability, among other benefits. 

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