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Surprising Locations for Ski Property Investments


When UK investors think of ski properties, they typically imagine Alpine chalets and condos. However, these properties can be prohibitively expensive for many investors, and unfortunately, the snow on the Alps has not been that skier friendly for the last few years. Investors who are willing to go further abroad for their ski property investments may be stunned at the possibilities that they find.

The Rocky Mountains of Canada and North America are two popular destinations for people who wish to buy property investments near ski slopes. Whistler, the popular Canadian resort town, has very high prices, but the investment return can be as much as fifteen percent or more. There are countless Coloradoan ski towns nestled in the high slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Towns like Vail and Dillon offer investors a lot of possibility as well, but like Whistler and the Alps, these areas can also be too expensive.

One area that is rising in popularity is Park City. This great ski resort town is located just an hour shuttle ride from Utah’s capital city Salt Lake City. Long known for its puritanical stances on drinking, this area is shedding that reputation in favor of a new reputation that embraces tourists. American travelers from New York City to San Francisco are all heralding Park City as an ideal destination for a weekend ski getaway.

Park city offers a complete ski in and ski out experience that has ski lovers impressed. In fact, it is one of the only ski towns in the world that has a lift into the downtown. The area is used by Olympic skiers as well as amateurs, and it is also perfect for people who are more concerned about the apr├Ęs-ski scene than they are about how much powder is on the slopes. The town has a number of world class shops, award winning restaurants, and even breweries.

The exchange rate between the UK pound and the US dollar still favors the pound. This gives foreign investors a sharp advantage in this area. Because Park City is just becoming popular, the prices are not as prohibitive as they are in many areas, and many analysts suggest that Park City real estate is only going to increase in price. Investors who want a ski property should consider this gem of a town in Utah.

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