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Stock Trading with TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is the number one web based broker stock trading software with over 6 million U.S. customers. They also have plenty of international online traders and brokers. Most traders that use Ameritrade, Apex clients perform on average 5 trade each month of a period no longer than 3 months, and needless to say, they have 100,000 USD balance in their account just to qualify.

Ameritrade Apex traders also get free access to tools, such QuoteScope. One of Ameritrade main competitors is a web based trading platform called E-Trade.

Etrade is also a fantastic platform for stock trading online. More and more investors have discovered how to achieve financial freedom through stock trading online. There are a lot of online stock trading academy tutorials that provide beginners and novices with a great head start in stock trading online.

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