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Finding Steady Dividends When Even Utilities Are Failing

In the aftermath of 2018s California wildfires, fingers have been pointed to those at blame. One body apportioned at least some culpability is PG&E, who’s market price dropped 52% in wake of findings that it may have been partly responsible. Like many others, market volatility has damaged the pristine image of utility companies as great dividend earners – finding value in today’s market requires a little nous. 

The still steady stocks 

While there’s a little volatility surrounding many funds, you can still rely on a few time-honored dividend stocks. These names should be familiar; for example, analyst Vijay Rakesh recommends chip producer Broadcom, according to a CNBC report. Look for the household names; Cisco and CVS feature heavily. Even if you don’t like to pick tried-and-trusted stocks, it’s worth keeping an eye on their fortunes. During your interim period, focusing on stock dividend payments can help you to make profits via the CFD markets with the right broker. 

Finding the new big hitters

The safest dividends will typically pay out 3%, which is a good ROI but not a great one. There is more money to be found by looking outside the box, according to US News. For example, AllianceBernstein currently yields a relatively large 9.8% dividend and have met that figure over 12 months. Looking at the year mark can be advantageous, and the industry. While not the most common picks for a dividend stock, they do appear to be providing a little security without entirely sacrificing profit margins for investors. 

Looking for new blood

If you’re looking for something new entirely, look overseas. Europe in particular boasts a handful of emerging stock options that pay lucrative yields while also providing some modicum of security – despite the political turmoil influenced by Brexit, many stock markets continue to grow and pay out heavily. Of particular interest is the FTSE listed Ocado; according to researchers ii, it grew 97% last year and has been paying respectable dividends off the back of it. Look to the continent for a little security, but something a little new, too. 

Dividends are the steady man’s stock – something left not to worry about and reward patience as a virtue. However, political and environmental upheaval means that it can be difficult to pick a winner. Put your thinking cap on and look at your options closely to find value within the market.

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