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Revealed: Why Single-Storey Homes Offer Excellent Investment Opportunities

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to property investments or a seasoned investor. What does matter is making the right investment choices. It’s no secret – there are plenty of property options available to everyone. But, how do you know which ones offer the best ROI?

One exciting way to invest your money in bricks and mortar is to buy single-storey homes. In some parts of the world, they get known as bungalows. And in many countries, they are a popular property option. So, what’s the big deal with single-storey homes? Why do they represent such excellent value for money?

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Increased value

When compared to other property types, single-storey homes are more valuable. Plus, single-storey property values are climbing higher than the others.

Let’s face it. When you invest in bricks and mortar, you do so because you want to get a return on your investment. Properties are a form of long-term investing so it pays to make the right choice. These days, single-storey homes are the hottest investment option.

Increased mobility

One of the reasons that single-storey homes appeal to the masses is increased mobility. Disabled people and those with mobility issues, find such homes easy to navigate. And there are no flights of stairs to negotiate, either in or outside the property. They are also a boon for parents for the same reasons.

Good use of space

In areas with a lot of available land, it makes sense to spread out a house rather than upwards. Building companies these days often construct single-storey homes on large expanses of land. That’s because there is no need to build a home to tight dimensions.

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Single-storey properties also give the impression of extra space. That’s a real selling point to home-buyers. Especially those purchasing a property for the first time.

Cheaper to build

Property investors don’t like to boast about the following fact. Single-storey homes are cheaper to build than two-storey ones! The reason they are cheaper is down to the construction time. There is no need to spend money hiring extra scaffolding, for example. Plus, labour costs are lower as they are also faster to build!

Property expansion is easier

With conventional two-storey homes, extending them can often be a bureaucratic nightmare. One has to apply for all kinds of permits. And there’s also the question of lengthy checks during construction.

In retrospect, it’s easier to expand a single-storey home to include more rooms. That’s because one is expanding outwards rather than upwards. As such, significant investment doesn’t need to get made for structural supports.

The Scandinavian influence

Take a trip to Northern Europe and you might notice one thing. People living in Scandinavian countries are building stylish single-storey houses! Many of today’s new builds in those countries also feature unique energy-saving ideas. One notable example is renewable energy: solar heating and lighting.

The style and decor of those homes are something many of us would also like. Because of that fact, buyers are willing to pay more for such properties. In short, demand is high!

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