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Invest in UK BioFuel Production

Biofuel investment UK

The energy company is a UK based company in the renewable energy sector, with a strong passion to help create a better tomorrow for future generations.

We will process Used Cooking Oil (UCO) into bio-fuel, which is used to power our generator producing electricity that we sell to the National Grid.

This forms part of the government sponsored initiative for renewable energy which is overseen by Ofgem, giving a fixed rate index linked return that is guaranteed for 20 years.

According to Ecofys over 90% of domestically derived UCO is sent to land fill or disposed off down the drains. This is both potentially hazardous to the environment and extremely costly to utilities companies who spend in excess of £10m per annum repairing damaged drains as a result of the fats built up from the oil.

The energy company has identified a number of potential commercial units suitable for housing processing facilities around the Home Counties that each enable us to provide an ethical, environmentally friendly and minimal cost solution, that is genuinely sustainable to this environmental problem, while also offering potential for significant GHG savings.

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