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What To Look For Before Purchasing Your Next Home

Before you’ve bought a house, you will want to ensure that is fit and safe for living in. Not only will you want to make sure that it aligns with your living standards and tick your boxes, but you must check its safety and condition. Before purchasing your next home and signing the mortgage contract, here are things to look for.

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Check the electrics

You will want to have an EICR certificate required to ensure that the property’s electrics are in safe and working order. EICR’s are complete every five years. Thus, if you receive one just before you move into the new property, you will have five years of assurance that your new home’s electrics are safe.

You will not want to move into a property that has poor electrics. Loose wires and faults could cause danger to you and also result in huge bills. With an EICR you can ensure that your residential property is safe and free of electrical issues.


Cracks can be an early sign of water or infrastructure issues. When you look around the property, ensure to look for cracks on the ceilings and the walls. Floor cracks could indicate issues but they are often a sign of wear and tear and pose little threat. 

Cracks on the ceilings and the walls could be an indication that there will be structural issues in the future. The house might be moving and the walls could eventually cave in, which poses are a huge danger. Thus, always ensure to spot cracks and get them assessed before purchasing the property. 

Sagging roofs

Sagging roofs can be a huge issue and result in injury or expensive bills. A sagging roof is a sign that the home lacks efficient guttering to relieve water build-up. If your roof cannot efficiently deal with rain, then you might be vulnerable to the roof falling down or caving in. This could result in dangerous floods and immense damage to your property. 

The roof is an essential feature to assess. After all, it is what protects you from all weather. Thus, it must be in good condition to ensure it can protect you. 


The plumbing is an essential thing to check when you are viewing a property. Most water boilers last around ten years and they can be expensive to repair or replace. Ensuring that it is regularly checked will validate whether or not it is in good condition and may need future repairs. Also, asking how old it is will indicate if you will need to replace it soon after moving in. 

Also, checking the water pressure will indicate whether or not your water bills will be high and if the plumbing is efficient throughout the house. Some taps may dispense water quicker than others, which could be a sign that there is a blockage or leak. 


Older houses are more vulnerable to dampness. Owners can do a good job of covering them up however you will still be able to smell the moisture or feel a cold atmosphere. 

Dismissing damp could result in poor ventilation and structural issues in the future, which could affect the foundation of the home. Ensure that you scout out any dampness to ensure that ventilation or structural issues can be avoided.

The garden weeds

Some homeowners hide outside weed issues by removing them before the viewing. However, some weeds such as Japanese Knotweed can cause immense damage to the structure of the property. Some estate agents even refuse to sell properties that involve this root plant. 

Checking out the garden weeds could save you a whole load of hassle and avoid serious damage. You can treat the root plant, which should be done before you sign any contract.

The neighbors

You will want to know what the neighbors are like before moving in. You might be someone who enjoys peace and quiet. Yet, if you move next door to a family with five children, you might not get that. 

Asking about the neighbors and even meeting them before deciding on purchasing the home will ensure that you are making a good decision. You won’t want to move next to neighbors that will hinder your living experience. Although not every neighbor is perfect, it is good to check what they are like to ensure that your purchase is not a bad decision. 

Before moving home and purchasing a new property, ensuring to do these checks will help you avoid future issues and make the purchase well worth it. 

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