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vincent hotel and residence room investment

Earn 10% Income from Investing in Luxury Hotel Suites in Liverpool

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Investor Benefits

  • 10% Net per annum assured for 10 years
  • Demand underpinned by 34.8 million tourists
  • Fully managed by a specialist management company
  • Rooms delivered fully furnished
  • Delivers a long-term and robust income stream
  • Prime location in the UK’s 5th most visited tourist destination
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Liverpool Hotel Sector

With 62 million visitors in the Liverpool region in 2016, Liverpool is the UK’s 5th most visited city by overseas tourists. Steeped in pop culture and history, Liverpool has a thriving business and tourism economy.

With the performance of regional hotels outperforming London, cities such as Liverpool witnessing a continued strong demand for occupancy among visitors. Here are some reasons why now is the time to invest in a Liverpool hotel investment.

Investor Highlights

UK Hotel Suites are an attractive investment opportunity. The asset class was traditionally reserved for institutional investors and funds however, this exclusive project has been designed for individual investors. Due to the demand from investors who wish to diversify their property portfolio, our last hotel investment sold out in just a few weeks. 

The Vincent Hotel and Residence will provide investors with a passive rental income from a fully managed Hotel Suite that provides an 10% NET rental income per annum for an assured 10-year period..

Interior Design


With 30 years of experience, Design LSM has created a unique hotel that blends the very best of leisure and business hospitality all under one roof.

Each Hotel Suite has been designed with comfort in mind and will feature ultra-comfortable beds, high end furnishings, flat screen TVs and the latest in cutting edge technology.

Call Ross Kelly on 0208 611 2614 or Complete the Form to Download the Brochure

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