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Our Top ‘home hacks’ for Selling Your Property

When it comes to putting your property on the market, there are a million things to do and the stress of it can be daunting, especially when you are juggling it with the demands of day to day life. Often, we can end up missing the simple and cost-effective ways of ensuring your house sells quickly and for the best price.

So, put your feet up, pause your Gonzo’s Quest game and let us help you identify some ways to transform your property to make sure it flies off the market.


  • Keep it Neutral


You may adore your bright pink walls, or that brown pattern in the living room that goes so well with the sofa, but you must remember, you are not selling a house to you. You must appeal to as many people as possible and not everyone will like your individual style choices. Keeping neutral paint tones can brighten up the property and allow potential buyers to imagine them moving their things in to the house. It also gives them the impression that there isn’t much work to be done, which will give them a positive mind-set immediately.


  • Ditch the Clutter


We tend to accumulate a lot of clutter in our own homes, that we don’t mind having out on display as it gives the place character and after all you don’t want it to look like a show home. But, that is exactly what your home is for potential buyers so it pays to put all the unnecessary items away. For example, get rid of anything in the kitchen that is not essential. It gives the illusion of space and again, helps the buyer imagine their items in your space.


  • Don’t be Afraid of Flowers


This may seem simple but there have been studies that have shown that seeing and smelling flowers can have an immediate effect on the mood which can only help your case. You could also extend this to the garden and buy some plants to brighten any darker looking areas up.


  • Outside is Reflective of Inside


Nope, we haven’t gone spiritual on you. The outside space of your house should be reflective of the inside. There is nothing better than a grotty, weedy outside space to out a buyer off before they even enter the property. Even if you don’t have a garden, brush and dewed the pavement area outside your house and make sure there is no rubbish blowing around. After all, first impressions count!


  • Make it Bright and Airy


Open the windows for an hour prior to viewers coming in to give it that fresh air smell. Make sure all the blinds are up, curtains pulled back and nothing is obstructing the light flowing into the house. Forget your electric bills and get the lights all turned on, regardless of the time of day. A bright house is always inviting. No-one wants to peer around your house in the dark, it may make people think you have something to hide!

We hope you had fun reading this article and maybe learned something. For more fun and excitement click here.

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