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Re-Leased | Cloud-based Property Management Software


Cloud-Based Property Management Software

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We want to make the world’s best property software

Re-Leased is cloud-based property management software that makes life easier for property managers and owners. Take a free trial and see for yourself.

We heard countless commercial and residential property owners, investors and managers tell us how fed up and frustrated they were with unreliable, slow software systems.

So, in 2011, we decided to do something about it. It was time to revolutionise commercial property software and bring it up to speed. After an in-depth consultation and analysis process with several property experts, we developed and launched Re-Leased – a comprehensive yet user-friendly software system that’s both simple and efficient.

We are incredibly proud of our product, but also the ongoing, dedicated support and service we provide. Our user’s feedback plays a vital role in shaping the new features we add to Re-Leased as we constantly strive to innovate and improve.

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Watch Our Video

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