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Panicking About Selling Your Home?

If you are getting ready to put your property on the market, read on for some expert tips…

Is panic kicking in? Take a deep breath and follow these tips…

It is easy for panic to creep in when you are trying to sell your home. Rather than hitting the panic button, follow these three tips and you will definitely have more eyes on your home…

  • Call your agent regularly – Regular communication is important. Instead of asking them why you are not getting as many viewings as you like, ask for feedback on your home. Where are things going wrong? What improvements can they suggest? Make changes that will make a difference, rather than pointing the finger!  
  • Fix all repairs – It is imperative that any problems are dealt with. Some people take out small loans for this. You will make the money back and be able to pay off the loan as soon as the house is sold.
  • Use the services of a home stager – A home stager may cost a few hundred pounds, however they can actually make you thousands! They will ensure your home sells quicker too. Stagers rearrange your property so that it is staged in the best way for selling, whilst also recommending some purchases within the budget you have set. 
  • Hire a professional photographer – The difference between photographs that have been taken by a professional and an estate agent is astounding. The reason why you could not be getting any viewings could be because of your photos. You need to get people to your front door and this is what your photographs are meant to do. Poor lighting, bad angles, images lacking atmosphere…a regular occurrence with photos that have been taken by amateurs I’m afraid! Instead, look for photography drone services for hire to really market your home.

Offer made, sale falls through – How to make sure this doesn’t happen!

It’s frightening and disheartening to think that almost every four in ten sales fall through after an offer has been accepted! Not exactly a statistic to fill you with confidence! Of course in some cases this is completely out of your control. But here are some easy tips for lowering the chances of it happening to you…

Be organised! You should keep a diary and note all of the communication you have with the person who has made an offer on your home. You won’t forget anything – you will have dialogue to refer to and this makes certain you email or post everything that is required of you.

Get all of your documents together. This can be anything from certificates, to guarantees, to planning permission, to forms detailing any work you have done to the property. If you don’t have these prepared you end up dragging out the process, which increases the chance of the sale falling through. This also goes for completing any work from your solicitor, such as a fittings and fixtures enquiry form.

Finally, if you are organised and act punctually you increase the chance of the sale going through because you don’t give the buyer time to change their mind.

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