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OptoHouse NewCastle | Student Property Investment NewCastle

UK Student Property Investment in Newcastle – Receive a Regular Passive Rental Income

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Investor Benefits

  • Receive 8% NET each year for 5 years
  • Over 50,000 students
  • 2 world renowned universities
  • High demand – 64.6% of students unable to access student accommodation
  • Modern self-contained studio apartments
  • Pay 0% stamp duty rate
  • Delivered fully furnished and ready to let
  • 6.3 % rise in applications from students to study in Newcastle in 2017
  • Highly desirable on-site facilities unrivalled on the local market
  • Proven track record with successfully completed 800 student beds in the last 2 years and high occupancy rates.
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Investment Criteria

  • Large fully furnished studio apartments for £81,500
  • On completion start receiving your assured income paid quarterly for 5 years
  • Cash only with 25/25/25/25 payment plan over construction
  • Completion due Q3 2019
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City Centre Location

Opto Student Newcastle is in the city’s popular quayside location, with two large universities within a 15-minute walk.

With a total of 50,000 students, the development is perfectly positioned to cater to the shortfall of 28,035 students (64.6%) who are unable to access university or private sector student accommodation.

Opto House Newcastle

A new location introduced by Experience Invest, Opto Student Newcastle offers investors a low entry level into the UK’s best performing asset class.

Exclusive to Experience Invest, Opto Student Newcastle is a new and high yielding UK student property investment.

The low entry level studio apartments offer investors 8% NET per annum assured for 5 years, with 0% Stamp Duty rates and a flexible payment plan in place.

Call Ross Kelly on 0208 611 2614 or Complete the Form to Download the Brochure

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