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Ancarraig Lodges | Invest in Luxury Lakeside Lodges in the Scottish Highlands

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Investment Highlights

  • 8% NET Return Per Annum
  • Invest From £10,000
  • Flexible term from 12 to 60 months
  • 10% uplift upon exit at year 5
  • Eligibility: Both Corporate and Personal investments accepted.
  • Secure Asset Backed Investment Structure – Loan Note provides Legal Charge against the entire Lodges site.
  • No Hassle To Manage Whatsoever
  • Fully Operational Business
  • Fantastic Reviews On TripAdvisor!
  • Additional benefits: Privileged access to future offers + 25% off of any bookings
  • Tourist hotspot
  • Site Visits Welcome

The Scottish Hospitality fund has been set up to help fund a number of new inclusions to the highly successful Ancarraig Lodges site and help us add further accommodations to our portfolio.

To give you a little background, my MD James and his partner Rose have been successfully running the Ancarraig Lodges for close to 2 years. They took the existing business and increased the profitability by 300% within the first year. The Lodges are sitting proudly in FIRST place on TripAdvisor in the local area for “Speciality Lodgings” (the Ancarraig Lodges were last before we took over).

Ancarraig Lodges are a stunning collection of 12 Scandinavian style self-catering lodges set in the hills high above the most famous and popular attraction in Scotland – Loch Ness. Whilst beautifully secluded in a woodland setting, the site offers stunning views of Loch Ness and the rolling hills of Scotland. The Lodges are ideally located directly on the Great Glen Way, 5 minutes from the village of Drumnadochit, 17 miles from Inverness, and 10 minutes to the main visitor attraction on Loch Ness: Urquhart Castle.

We purchased the site back on the 21st December 2015, using investor finance in the form of a Loan Note structure, for the sum of £500,000. This was under value by £100,000. Since then we have gutted all 12 lodges and renovated them to a great standard. The Lodges reopened to the public and accepted its first guests on the 11th March 2016 and have been thriving ever since. Once all renovations were undertaken the Lodges were appraised and revalued, the valuation report came back at £675,000 which was amazing and showed our hard work had paid off (valuation dated on 21st November 2016).

As the business is growing, so is the need for expansion, we are looking to expand the site itself and install a reception building, which will comprise of a reception area and laundry facilities for the guests – an addition that has been requested by a number of guests, as it is an added benefit to the guests who stay with us for an extended period of time.

There will also be a small shop and a cafe area as well, as this is a self catering holiday park, negates the need to travel into the village if low on the odd item. This addition of a reception area and social space will really complete the site.


•  Short Term Investment
•  #1 on Trip Advisor
•  Invest from £10,000 
•  Fixed Annual Returns of 8% 
•  Fully Operational 
•  Tourist Hotspot 

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