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Invest in London and Essex Real Estate from £5000

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Essex and London Properties Limited is an Essex based residential property investment firm that specialises in the acquisition of distressed properties in the Essex and Greater London area.

E&L have already raised £5.8 million, and are raising a total of £15 million by offering retail clients the opportunity to invest in the company against a fixed rate of 8.0%. Interest will be paid quarterly in arrears.

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The Investment Offering

Minimum subscription is £5,000, whilst the maximum investment is £250,000.

Funds will be raised for a fixed term of three years, however investors can mature their holding at the anniversary of their investment by giving 90 days written notice to the company.

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Essex and London Properties was established to identify and acquire residential property in the UK which is suitable for value addition, renovation, and further sales to private investors.

Based on their vast experience in the residential market, the director and management believe that there is significant need for investment into UK property to provide sustainable, high quality and affordable homes.

All properties purchased via this investment will be used as collateral in favour of the Limited Partnerships. In the event of a downturn in the residential market, these properties will be disposed of to return capital to the investors.

To ensure transparency, on a periodic basis, copies of all land registry documents and deeds will be posted to all investors to update them on the progress of the property acquisition and sales.

All properties acquired will be held for the purpose of value addition, following which they will be sold to private buyers to realise maximum returns.

The disposal of properties will be applied to meet interest payments on the investment, to make further investment in accordance with the company’s strategy and to repay the principal amount.

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