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How To Secure Your Empty Home

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There are times when you must leave your home unoccupied. It could be because you are relocating but have yet to sell your home, you are going on an extended vacation, or you are carrying out major renovations that will render the property uninhabitable for an extended period of time.

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Whatever the reason, you’ll want to keep your house secure while you’re away. There are several ways to accomplish this, ranging from installing a cutting-edge security system to ensuring you have specialist unoccupied home insurance and SVP.

 Here’s our guide to maintaining an unoccupied house so that it remains safe.

Check The Locks

When leaving an empty house, security should be your top priority. It may appear to be a no-brainer, but forgetting to check the locks is all too common. Moving out of a home can be stressful – there are removal companies to coordinate, and you may be eager to get to your new home or go on vacation. Wherever you’re going, make absolutely sure all locks are in good repair and locked, including windows, sheds, garages, and other outhouses.

Lighting, Alarms, And Heating

While you may be tempted to postpone all utility services (such as water and electricity), you may also want to take into account using lighting or alarms to deter potential thieves. Timer-controlled lights will make it appear as if someone is at home, and movement security lights or deterrent alarms can also be very effective. During the winter, keep your heating set to a very low temp (even as low as 12 degrees) to avoid burst pipes. Check your home insurance policy to see if it requires you to keep the heating on all the time.

Keep Up The Inspections 

It’s a good idea to make regular trips to the property so you can keep an eye on it and do any odd jobs that need to be done. You may want to ask a friend or neighbor to do this for you if you are unable to do it on your own. It is also a good idea to leave a key with a trusted neighbor if someone needs to gain access to the house (e.g. a handyman or police officer).

Keep Up The Gardening 

Gardening can quickly become overgrown and neglected when left unattended, especially in summer. And that’s a dead giveaway that no one is home to look after it. Keep the grass mowed, the hedges trimmed, and the weeds at bay. 

Remove Valuables

If you are planning on moving out of your home, be sure to take all flashy electronics, expensive rugs, valuable artwork, and expensive jewelry with you. If you wish to leave your home furnished, you can either rent furniture or go to a charity shop to obtain it.

This short guide should help you to secure your vacant home and keep it looked after. Do you have any other tips that could help to do this too? Please could you share some of them in the comments section below? 

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