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Your Guide to Buying a Holiday Home in the US

The holiday market is something that booms year after year, where many people fall in love with faraway destinations, and leave with hopes of returning very soon. When you revisit the same place over and over, year after year, it is a wise idea to think about buying a holiday home in that location. Among the most popular countries to do this is the United States, where promises of year-round sun and increasingly cheaper flights makes it an attractive destination for holiday-goers. Committing to buying a holiday home over there requires a lot of thought and helpful advice, however, which is why it’s recommended that you follow our simple guide.

  • Complete the right paperwork

When you are buying a holiday home in the United States, people are often surprised at how simple the process is. One benefit of choosing the US is that you don’t need to learn another language or worry about translation errors. However, there are certain taxes and hidden costs many people encounter when they are securing a home. These costs can luckily be minimised when you are clued up about how to complete your paperwork, which will ensure you are not liable to pay any extra fees. You can choose to do this yourself for a lower price, but it is always a good idea to ask for advice from people who are experts in buying holiday homes in the US. Another thing to consider before you buy is whether your visa restrictions will prohibit you from visiting as often as you like. Fortunately, for UK nationals, this is usually no problem.

  • Consider location

The United States is a large country, which means that it is often difficult to know where to start with finding the perfect location for your holiday home. Much of narrowing your search comes down to what you are hoping to use your holiday home for. If you are looking for a mountain getaway, it may be best to consider states such as Colorado and Washington, whereas people who are searching for the sun may choose to look at states such as California or Florida. South Tampa homes are among the most popular holiday home choices for expats, as you can rent your house out to holidaymakers when you aren’t there, but it is also an excellent place to settle down in.

  • Set yourself a budget

Just as you would when buying a property in the UK, it is a great idea to consider costs and set yourself a budget. House prices in the United States can vary considerably, but there are many which are not built to last and require a lot of maintenance over the years. Much of the price also depends on which location you choose to buy in. Ideally, you should search for a home in the middle of your price range, so there is room in your budget to complete any renovations and pay the appropriate taxes. You should also note that buying a holiday home in the countryside will be much cheaper than committing to a sale in a large city.

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