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The Demand for Student Property in Liverpool

Students flock to Liverpool and investing in student suitable accommodation is a wise investment choice for the astute property investor. Areas like Lime Street Station and the City Centre are ideal for buying and letting consistently in demand student accommodation. These popular areas are not only ideal for the universities but are also well placed for shopping and the city’s famous and vibrant night life.

With a whopping 54000 students in Liverpool it is not surprising that there is a very real shortage of quality student accommodation that gap is begging to be filled and demand is consistently outstripping supply. Here you have an active market place that will pay premium rent for the right property.

Student accommodation and demand has nothing short of an excellent record in Liverpool and there is a lot of property available if you care to look in areas that might not be traditionally considered suitable for private or professional tenants. Inner city locations that may out of other tenants are areas where students due to ease and accessibility actually thrive.

In Liverpool, the student life is growing and there are many areas that can be considered now as suitable for property investment opportunism when targeting the student market. As an example the area where some of the main student housing is in the student accommodation area just off Duke Street and just around the corner Hanover Street. Duke Street is an industrial street with an odd mix of property. There are both residential houses and flats to commercial warehouses. This once industrial area that was dominated by merchants is fast becoming one of the most sought after areas and streets to live in Liverpool.

For the locals this shift is not surprising as it is this area now that is not only great for students but also by the trend setting and the rich Liverpudlians are taking this area to their hearts and while they may not be in the market to buy, the rents are still growing.

New developments such as the East Village, which consists of smart cafes, restaurants ,  and social areas attract out of town money, this area is becoming trendy and starting to undergo and slow period of regenerations. Look to Hanover Street as this really is one of the most famous streets in Liverpool and this is now the trendy and young neighbourhood as funky, upmarket, boutique style shops are taking residence.

Slightly down the road is BBC Merseyside and Jamie Oliver has opened a restaurant there. And almost immediately to the right is Bold Street, famous for its shops, cafes and a consistently favourite hang out for students. Not surprisingly, any property developer that has the brains to offer student accommodation here and you will have students fighting to pay you rent.  Right around this student accommodation other money sources targeting students have mushroomed this includes bars, restaurants, shops, vinyl, vintage clothing shops, boutiques, bookstores and cafes.

Liverpool is calling and she is patient but don’t miss the boat and get your student property investment now to make the most of this opportunity.

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