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Canadian Real Estate Investment Fund – Invest from $1000 CAD

canada real estate fund

canadian real estate investment fund

Bridge Gap Properties Inc. is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based company offering you an opportunity to become an investor in premier Canadian properties. Bridge Gap Properties Inc. is poised to capitalize on numerous opportunities for growth in Canada’s resource rich economy.

Investment Summary:

  • Minimum investment amount $1,000 (CAD)

  • Pays a 6% annual interest Rate and a 75% right to all distributed profits

  • 7 Year closed end term with an optional extension of 3 years

  • All investments are backed by Canadian real estate assets

  • A clear and competitive investment strategy

A Clear Plan

Bridge Gap Properties Inc. is acquiring numerous Canadian Real Estate assets with plans to operate and strategically develop or divest. Assets include resorts, traditional hotels, limited service hotels, multi-family residential complexes and commercial office buildings.

Bridge Gap Properties Inc. is looking to acquire real estate in the value range of $3,000,000 to $15,000,000. This range can be identified as a gap between smaller individual real estate investors and large real estate investment trusts (REITs).

A Stable Market

In the recent economic climate, Canada has proven itself as a safe harbor for capital. The volatility of the Canadian economy is clear and over the past 4 years of financial crisis, Canada has had the smallest downturn of any of the G7 countries. During the global financial crisis, no large Canadian bank or insurance company failed or required government bailout.

Canada’s natural resources are vast, but in our current world none are more valuable than the Alberta oil sands. The Alberta oil sands contain as much oil as the entire Middle East and technologies are now unlocking this economically viable reserve. Canada holds one of the top 3 largest reserves in the world and this industry continues to drive the Canadian economy.

A Proven Team

Bridge Gap Properties Inc. has assembled a first class team of real estate, financial and hospitality professionals in order to help ensure success in producing positive and significant returns to its investors.

Leading the team is Mr. David Crombie, a Canadian real estate principal. Mr. Crombie brings over 40 years of experience to the table, including many years with Canadian Pacific Hotels as the Vice-President Development for Canada, the USA and the Middle East.

A Profitable Portfolio

Bridge Gap Properties Inc. is in the process of investing in multiple Canadian properties:

The Hotel Nuvo in Calgary, Alberta is located within the walking distance of the downtown core, currently housing the most oil & gas head offices anywhere in Canada. As a small, 33 suite limited service boutique, it caters to longer stay corporate clientele who aren’t looking for regular hotel amenities.

The Sunchaser Villas at Fairmont are located in the spectacular British Columbia Rocky Mountains. This 116 room villa has been ranked by Vacation Ownership Magazine as one of the world’s top 20 holiday destinations.

The Lake Okanogan Resort consists of 217 units of accommodation in the highly frequented mountainside parkland on the west shore of Okanagan Lake. Just 20 minutes away from downtown Kelowna, British Columbia, This resort has not only recently received significant capital improvements but also maintains land which has been approved for additional development.

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