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Buy-to-Let Holiday Home in France – L’Hermenault – 100% Finance – £2500

investment property

investment property

Have you ever wanted to own a holiday home in the South of France and earn rental income?

Investment provider 4th Dimension Ltd has developed a financially attractive solution which will give you the benefit of owning a holiday home in the Vendée and generating an annual rental income. Located in the coastal region of southern France, the Vendée is the second sunniest region in the country and offers you a relaxing and leisurely lifestyle.

The Region

This region is a tourist hotspot, and it’s no surprise when there are over 160 km of crystal clear coastline which have been classified as Blue Flag beaches (this is the best eco-label certification a beach can achieve from the Foundation for Environmental Education). You also find typical picturesque French villages, fishing ports, beautiful landscapes and excellent access to three international airports: Nantes, La Rochelle and Poitiers.

The Investment Property That Pays for Itself!

All the properties on this development, which will be branded L’Hermenault, will be new build, eco-efficient and build to the highest standard of comfort and luxury design. The benefit behind this type of construction mainly has to do with the eco-efficiency ratings and lower costs of constructions, but delivering a high-end luxurious property. The end result matches if not exceeds the building specifications of other traditional builds, and will yield the same if not higher rental income.

Investment Highlights:

  • Hands free investment
  • Low cost entry – £2,500 total contribution and set up fee
  • £5,000 cash gift
  • 100% finance option including 5% gifted deposit
  • Rental commitment for first 5 years at 5.2% per annum, renewable
  • Mortgage grace period during build
  • Choice of designs 2, 3 or 4 bedroom semi/detached dwelling
  • Closing costs paid
  • Full furniture pack included
  • Residential quality build to optimize resale value

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