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Buy to Let Investors Can Benefit from Liverpool’s High Rental Returns

Liverpool is emerging as a property hotspot within the Northern Powerhouse, particularly in the city centre, which attracts graduates and young professionals due to the low cost of living and the influx of jobs being created in the area. With Liverpool boasting significant and varied employment prospects for residents, along with an incredibly exhilarating and inspiring future, the city continues to undertake continued investment in its people, universities and commercial infrastructure.

So why should you invest in Liverpool buy to let properties? With the moving of these young people, comes an increased demand for rental property and therefore buy to let investors can benefit by seeking property in the city.

High Rental Returns in Liverpool

With high rental returns being seen in properties across Liverpool, it is no wonder investors are attracted to the city. Liverpool has been ranked by both Totally Money and Private Finance as the number-one buy to let location in the UK. This is exciting news for investors, particularly as house price growth is forecast to jump by 22.8% by 2021.

With this forecast rise in prices, buy to let investors are of course attracted to the area. Additionally, with the influx of regeneration and investment across the city, more young professionals want to live here and more businesses want to base their operations here. The prospect of these high returns makes investing in Liverpool a profitable opportunity for any buy to let investor.

Student Accommodation

Liverpool also has a large population of students, most of whom cannot be housed in university owned accommodation and are looking at privately owned accommodation. With four universities in the city and educational establishments such as the Royal College of Physicians and Liverpool International College, the city’s research and educational hub is attracting more students to the area each year.

Not to mention, Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter is now experiencing £1 billion regeneration plans and is therefore set to grow significantly as a hub of creativity and innovation. The Knowledge Quarter’s proximity to the universities and the city centre make it a highly desirable place for students to be based.

If students are attracted here and businesses choose to base themselves here, this is all good news for buy to let investors; as students may choose to stay on in Liverpool after their studies have completed and work for the firms based in the city. These young professionals may now be seeking rental properties, so buy to let investors can secure profitable properties now ahead of the curve.

The Liverpool Waterfront

When discussing Liverpool’s regeneration and buy to let potential, we must talk about the docks. Having been an integral part of Liverpool’s economy throughout history, this area is undergoing vast regeneration. With the £5 billion Liverpool Waters project underway, Central Docks will become a world-class business, residential and leisure district. It will include 1,000 flats, 750,000 square metres of mixed-use space and a 7-hectare public park. This area is bound to become a highly sought-after location, particularly if businesses base themselves here – professionals will need somewhere to rent.

Further to the regeneration in the central docks area, the new “Ten Streets” area is set to become a new “Creative Quarter” where creative and digital start-ups can rent a large amount of space for relatively low rent. A Creative Quarter in Liverpool would surely attract young professionals looking to live and work here, and this provides a perfect opportunity for buy to let property investors to capitalise on this.

Should I invest in Liverpool?

At RWinvest, our answer is yes, Liverpool has long been a firm favourite and hub for buy to let property investments. Being one of the highest rental return areas in the British Isles and a key city in the Northern Powerhouse, this growth shows no sign of slowing down.

Our headquarters are based in the heart of the city centre and our property consultants have expert knowledge on the area and all the regeneration taking place. If you get in touch, they would be happy to talk you through everything Liverpool has to offer you as an investor.

With regeneration projects happening all the time here, we think investors would be wise to get ahead of the curve with either a buy to let residential or student property investment. With potential for rental returns and capital appreciation high, we have plenty of properties available to suit your needs.

For more information on buy to let investment opportunities in 2018, contact RWinvest on Tel: +44 (0)151 808 1250, via Email: info@rw-invest.com or visit our website: https://www.rw-invest.com/

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