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Why Consider Building Your Next Property Instead of Buying It

The property ladder is always a tough obstacle to tackle and even more so in the climate of today’s market, however, it’s still an exciting time in anyone’s life. If you are in the market for a new property, you may wish to consider building rather than buying.

Building a property has numerous advantages over buying. With the housing shortage crisis of today, the average time an existing home is on the market is just 30 days. Homes fly off the market in an instant and competition is rife, however, if you are to build your own home, you immediately take a step back from the pressures of rushing to get a bid in before someone else does!

Another huge advantage is customisation. How long have you spent dreaming about the unique interior of your dream home? If you are to build your own home, you won’t be left with buyer’s remorse if you find you resent the property’s original floor plan. Building means you can personalise every detail of your house, from the ground up. This includes paint colours, lighting, the layout, flooring, sinks, cabinets and even the doorknobs…everything will be down to your decision. That is the huge advantage of building your own home, you can get exactly what you want. Of course, there is lot more to consider when building your own home as opposed to buying, from land to planning permission and builders insurance.

More Cost Effective in the Long Run

New homes also tend to be more energy efficient, from insulation to air filtration to HVAC. Not only is this efficiency better for the planet but it will also but better for your monthly utility bills. In regard to other billing costs, it’s no secret that building your own home is a pricey venture but whilst pricey, it’s often considered well worth it. In a bid to reduce costs, your contractor should keep in regular contact with you to help keep costs to a minimum. Most good builders will offer a list of cost-saving items and if not, you are able to request one. You can save thousands by simply substituting different materials and fixtures, so if you are concerned about mounting costs, always check and ask for cheaper alternatives. It’s a given that you’re going to want your home to be perfect, even more so if you’re building it as it will be your sole focus but be sure to keep in mind anything out of the ordinary is likely to cost more. Funky colours and extraordinary shapes of rooms or materials may tip you over budget but if you’re savvy and learn to up-cycle items, you can actually go under budget.

When on the lookout for a builder to assist you in building your dream home, ensuring that they have builder’s insurance is essential. Whether it’s a sole trader or a team of builders, labourers should always have the relevant insurance and if you’re on a venture as big as building your own home, if anything is to go wrong, you’re going to want to be protected. Compensation claims are never pretty but with reliable builder’s insurance, builders are able to find the right cover for their business whilst also affording you peace of mind that should anything go wrong, it will be resolved swiftly.

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