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8 UK Universities That Have the Biggest Demand for Student Property

If you want to get into the lucrative student rental property market then pretty much every city in the UK has some level of student population and wherever there are students, there is a need and an outright demand for student accommodation.

Some areas have more students than others so here is our top ten lists of University places in the UK based on the student population numbers. This list does not include London as in London generally, the population is split into the boroughs but clearly this is the single largest area so the student area in London is vast. Here is the rest of the UK for you.

Leeds Metropolitan University

Over forty thousand students are in Leeds and this big population. There are a number of universities in Leeds itself like University of Leeds, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds Trinity and All Saints. There are also others nearby in Bradford many that are commutable from Leeds as well as other further education places such as Leeds school of music and Leeds Performing arts school, all with a healthy student body. Many students are in education at the Leeds Metropolitan University, the demand for accommodation is active and this is a very demanding market. Property costs are quite low compared to other areas in the UK so this is a boom investment area.


Another northern area with its fair share of universities and this also leads to a very healthy student population. In fact the University of Manchester has almost 40,000 students just under that of Leeds Met. Again property prices are low compared to other areas of the UK, slightly higher than Leeds but again, good investment property to add to your portfolio should not be too hard to find.

Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University has almost 34,000 students, the area is trying to undergo some gentrification and students bring a lot of money into this old mining area. Much of the social scene for young people in Sheffield is geared towards this student intake and again, low property prices can generate solid revenue.

University of Leeds

University of Leeds – Leeds as a locale has already taken the number 1 student spot with Leeds Met at almost 33,500 students the University of Leeds really adds to the cities overall student population. While located in a different area of the city, this volume gives any property investor a double bite at the student property cherry.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester’s second largest university is also running at 33,500 students and its volume adds to Manchester’s impressive student population.

Northumbria University

Northumbria University nearly 33,00o students and a beautiful area of the world means that Northumbria has a big draw for property and student areas continue to be a more cost effective purchase.

University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham, also at 32,500 this midlands Uni also has Trent university on its doorstep so the student population continues to dominate many of the inner city areas. More accommodation continues to be needed and so investor opportunities are rife.

University of the West of England

University of the West of England at over 31,500 this is a significant volume of students and the housing is always in great demand.

At just over 30,000 students the University of Plymouth continues to generate students and finally Cardiff University puts welsh students on the map with close to 31,00 students choosing this as their further education destination and home from home.

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