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5 Tips To Easily Source Your Own Discounted Property Investment Deals

Sourcing property at below market value prices for the purpose of resale or investment is a proven and tested way to make money from property. However, finding property where the vendor is motivated enough to accept a below market value offer can often be time consuming and infuriating. Scrawling through portals to pick up ‘scraps’ left from estate agents; and hustling at auctions to try and grab a so-call bargain to only find out the profit margins are minimal after paying a top price in the room.

There are many valid reasons to invest in property, and other ways of generating motivated seller leads, and one industry professional David Sessford of Ready Steady Sell (a we buy any house company in the UK), is generating an abundance of below market value motivated enquiries through his website. “Having a website alone is simply not enough to get the traffic to your site, you need to utilise an internet marketing strategy” explains David.

Ready Steady Sell have shared with us their exclusive 5 top tips to generate motivated sellers using an internet marketing formula that is proven to work:-

  1. Pay per click advertising

Although expensive, pay per click advertising is hugely popular for companies looking to generate enquiries from homeowners looking for a cash property buyer. You simply set up your website, choose your keywords and bid on them to get your website placed on the search engines. The higher your bid, the higher up the chain your website is listed. Bear in mind some keywords like ‘we buy any house’ are extremely expensive and it’s best to avoid them unless you have a big budget.

  1. Search engine marketing

Trying to rank your website organically in the search engines takes 3 things; traffic, good links from authority property related websites, and solid, user friendly content on your website. You need your website to be the ‘best in the business’ and for other websites to refer to your website as being the best. It’s difficult to rank a website organically, especially for keywords like ‘quick house sale’ which are extremely competitive in the UK.

  1. Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing is a growing market for ‘quick house sale companies’, and a number of companies are changing tactic to a Facebook only marketing strategy. Facebook leads are cheap in comparison to others however the motivation of vendors looking to sell their homes is often not as strong. The reason being is Facebook advertising is interruptive, i.e. They didn’t request to see your advert you are placing it in from of them and disrupting their Facebook activities.

  1. Forums & Q&A websites

Zoopla questions and other question and answer websites are a great place to become an expert in your area. If you are specifically looking for property in your local region you could promote yourself as the expert on Zoopla for homeowners needing a quicker than average sale.

  1. Linkedin and Facebook Groups

Often property sourcers find below market value deals that don’t stack up for them and try to sell them on Linkedin and Facebook groups to other investors. Sometimes you can pick up a really good lead or deal this way – however make sure to do your homework before handing over any finder fees.
Buying property quickly for cash is a lucrative market, however you may find that you don’t have the cash to buy every deal. What you could look to do in this situation is package deals up yourself and sell them as a property sourcer for a sourcing fee.

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