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Earn Revenue from UK Commercial Property

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About Proplend

Proplend is a Peer to Peer Lending platform that gives investors the opportunity to lend directly to borrowers where the loan is secured with a first legal charge over income producing UK commercial property.

Proplend originates the commercial property loans, conducts due diligence on the borrower, the property and the tenant – presenting all this information to investors via its online platform. This information is supported by third party valuations and legal reports.

Investors can then invest on a loan by loan basis depending on their return requirements and their attitude towards risk. Proplend pioneered the Loan Tranche Model*, allowing investors to choose loan investments that better suit their risk profile.

Commercial property debt is a long-established asset class that offers investors a reliable and attractive source of income with limited capital risk. Proplend is opening up this asset class to a wider range of investors who can all come together to lend to a single borrower.

Investor Benefits

  • Security – all loans supported by a first legal charge over UK commercial property
  • Fixed monthly income – interest paid monthly
  • Accessibility – invest from as little as £1,000
  • Intuitive platform – invest direct through your Proplend online Lender Dashboard
  • Tax free income – invest via your SIPP or SSAS and soon, your ISA!

Getting Started

Simply Register for a Proplend account through their website. Once you’ve completed the application process your account will be active and you’ll be able to view Loan Investment opportunities.

Fund your account via their client money account, funds will be allocated to your Proplend Lender Dashboard ready for you to invest.

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer Lending is an investment and not a savings product, it is therefore not part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and your capital is at risk.

Proplend takes a first legal charge and retains six months interest reserve alongside other security and holds it in trust on behalf of its investors. In the event of a borrower default the property can be taken and sold in order to repay investors.

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Proplend connects investors directly to borrowers with loans secured against UK income producing Commercial Property.

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